What do we mean by Bank Gateway?
A Bank Gateway software is an application that allows you to manage your bank accounts from a single interface.
Besides this, it also offers you a set of services that allow you to save time and money.
To give an example, imagine your company with different current accounts, that need to make payments abroad,
that need to make cash payments to distant people, that need to perform banking operations very quickly.
With traditional systems it is impossible.
With a bank gateway you can connect all your bank accounts in a single application that will provide you with
the best way to make or receive payments, will notify you via email of incoming or outgoing banking
transactions, choose for you, after having done a search on the internet, the provider that for your
banking operation costs you less and is faster.
You will not have to connect with different banks or financial operators, the bank gateway will do it for you.
If you need to send money to your own city by bank transfer or send cash in India with WesterUnion, the
management interface will always be the same for you. Your Bank Gateway.
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